Sunday, September 7, 2014

Before and After

After a couple busy weeks at school as well as lots of time at home, my classroom is finally ready for another year.
I was able to transform this:

To this:

This year I am utilizing a structured teaching method that brings most of my students with disabilities into my class all day.  Following lunch and quiet time, our peer models join our class.  Our morning schedule consists of arrival time, gross motor time, snack, circle time and four twenty minute rotations.  During the rotations the students work in areas such as one to one (with the teacher to address IEP goals), Independent work (TEACCH tasks), Speech and/or OT, play, art, puzzles, and computer.  Each child as their own visual schedule and are learning to "check their schedule" each time the time goes off.  So far I am very happy with how this approach is working for my students.
Our afternoon is a "typical" preschool schedule with an overall group visual schedule and less individualized cues.  It is the goal of this "transition" classroom to help students move from a self contained classroom to an integrated classroom.

I'm trying very hard not to become overwhelmed with all the newly required paper work (that is for all of us in Early Childhood in Ohio) and the new Early Learning Assessment.  I'm hoping that by staying organized, I can stay ahead of this less than fun side of teaching!

Staying focused on the positive!