Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Testing my resolve

I have made a promise to myself to be positive in all the challenges of teaching.  This promise was immediately put to the test Monday and Tuesday.  I proactively went to school Monday to be sure I was ready for Summer School which started at 8:30 Tuesday morning.  I couldn't get to my room because the floors were being waxed. 7:00 Tuesday morning, I walked into this: 

I did my very best not to panic!  My mom had come to help.  We managed to get the room ready in 45 minutes!  A new record....see there is a positive! 

The kiddos arrived at 8:30 and we had a wonderful morning! 
Just keep swimming!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Welcome to my life as an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist!

Here in Ohio there are many changes that are putting pressure and stress on all of our educators.  In the preschool world we are dealing with OTES, Step Up To Quality, new assessments, new Common Core aligned standards, changes in the curriculum, and pressures from many areas.  My goal for this blog is to share tips and strategies to cope with all these changes.  I want to approach these changes in a positive way and figure out ways to keep my sanity!  My personal rule this space is no negativity!

More to come as I prepare for another wonderful year teaching our youngest learners!